Online Virtual LISACON-2020

The advent of digital technologies has brought in disruptive changes in all spheres of library. Today’s library is less about what we have for users and more about what we do for users. Librarianship has to reinvent and reposition itself to achieve excellence. The librarianship needs to rethink innovative content acquisition models, out of the box thinking in extending library services, leveraging technologies, new modes of reaching the user community. The LISACON-2020 theme “Reinventing Excellence in Librarianship” will focus on bringing best practices, success stories, case studies, and innovative research outcomes to a common platform.

The Conference will be held in a Virtual Mode operated from LIS Academy. All the Conference’s activities will be web-streamed, and the paper presenters will be allowed to present their papers from their places through Video Recording.

 Conference Venue will be created with a studio. Only Plenary speakers and Panel Members will be invited for their physical presence. However, if they are unable to attend physically, they can also address their paper through a webinar. The entire Conference will be held on the scheduled three days, and every day there will be two sessions. Each session will consist of 90 minutes with six invited paper presenters and a Plenary Speaker who will moderate the session.

Papers are invited from the professionals, and the best six papers fitting to the theme and cleared through the peer review process will be selected for presentation at the Conference. Accepted Paper Presenters will be treated as Invited Speakers. They will be paid Rs.2000 towards Cash prize, free registration, a memento, and a certificate of appreciation.

Plenary Speaker will be paid an honorarium of Rs.5000, a certificate of appreciation and a Memento. 

The selected presenter will have to share his/her PPT. After scrutiny, they will be asked to create a video for 10 minutes using a zoom platform or any other platform with HD quality MPEG-4 format videos.